Death is not be feared

We are not born with a fear of dying, we are taught to fear death. Can the fear of death be overcome? How would you live if you were not afraid to die?

These are some of the questions I asked myself when discovering my own thoughts about dying. It seems that most people are afraid to die. The fear of death can drive us to extreme methods of protecting ourselves. Our own fear of death affects how we interact with others who are faced with their own mortality, be it by accident, illness or choice. And what of those who choose death? Do they have no fear or do their current life circumstances seem so unbearable that death is welcome, even though it may be terrifying?

A Course in Miracles says death is not real, and the Bible says Jesus demonstrated this Truth when he rose from the tomb. With a growing number of Life after death reports from people who actually died and came back, and recent discoveries in quantum physics, there is mounting evidence that death is not what we have always thought it to be.

I believe there is an ancient, evolving Energy that has always existed and that cannot be comprehended. This Energy has been and done everything imaginable and therefore knows all there is to know. Through all of the Knowledge and Wisdom existing, this Energy (Source) has concluded that the only logical way to survive is by being Divine Love. All other pathways lead to the idea of separation, which is impossible because Source is everything and everything comes from Source so it can never be separated from itself. Nonetheless, the dream of separation seems real and eventually leads to the fear of death. As perfect creations, you and I experience free will. The ability to decide which choice to make, fear or Love. We are an extension of Source Energy. We are having an experience in a human body that fills our creative desire to share Love. We are Created with the ability to live in a material body while being fully cognizant of our true nature, that of Divine Love. When our time on Earth is over, we have the ability to mindfully and consciously release our body and go back to Source Energy. We don't end. We aren't punished or rewarded for good behavior. We go back to where we came from before we brought our Life to matter. An existence beyond the boundaries of time and space, where there is no lack of anything. Death is not to be feared. Death is just a transition from matter back to Energy. With Conscious Awareness of who we are, death becomes Life. By overcoming the fear of death, we can live a Powerful and Purposeful Life!

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