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Ignite your Divine light

Look Deeper
by Jill Kline

This morning, I woke with a beautiful image in my head: I was standing in the middle of a field, surrounded by a number of doors. Some of the doors were gorgeous, intricately carved works of incredible beauty. Some were rough-hewn, patched together, and ready to fall apart. And some were plain, merely functional and didn't hold my interest.


I walked to the first door, grand in its design and size. Incredible time, devotion, and work had been put into its creation. I marveled at its beauty as I reached out and turned the handle. It opened it effortlessly, perfectly balanced on golden hinges. Behind it, I was surprised to see another door, this one mirrored! I saw my own reflection. I was glowing with light and joy, and I laughed with delight to see myself this way! Then the mirrored door opened, and behind it I saw a brilliant light, like a thousand suns in a vast universe, and felt a wave of profound LOVE wash over me.


I walked over to another door, this one made from splintered, rough wood. It looked like it had been repaired dozens of times, with planks hurriedly and haphazardly covering the cracks. This door felt ugly to me. I didn't want to touch it, but I reached out and tugged anyway. It was warped and jammed. I pulled harder as I grew angry! Who would build such a useless door? Why was it here, contaminating my peaceful field! It didn't belong here! 


Suddenly, the door gave way and as it opened, I found yet another door, the SAME mirrored door I had stood before a moment ago. Again, I was met with a reflection but it didn't look like me. This time I saw an old man, haggard and angry. He was dressed in rags,


Look a little deeper, and see the Divine within



filthy, and unkempt. I felt fear and resentment. I was about to turn away, slam the ugly door shut and go back to my peaceful field, but I heard a voice say, "Look deeper."  So I stood, and looked at the man in the mirror. This time, I looked without judgement and just observed him as he glared at me, frowning. I then saw the tiniest glow of light in the area of his heart, and watched as his face became blurry. It began to morph, and I saw my OWN face show through his. I felt the anger leave my body, and felt compassion for this man. He was me, after all! … And as I saw our entire reflection soften, the mirrored door opened, and once again I saw that light of a thousand suns, and that same wave of LOVE washed over me.


We are the creators of our reality. Everyone and everything is an outward reflection of what we believe about ourselves, our world, and our Source. These are challenging times, but seeing through the illusion and looking without judgement at the person or situation we are confronting can bring peace quickly. Open the doors that present themselves to you. See what is behind them with a willingness to face yourself. Then, look a little deeper, and recognize the Divine within all things. 

You have a Spiritual Entourage!
by Jill Kline

One of the most exciting aspects of looking beyond the physical self is the awareness that we are not alone. As an eternal consciousness, we focus only a small portion of our energy into this body, but we have at our disposal many aspects of ourselves (and Source!) that we forget to utilize.

     For the sake of tenable understanding, I call some of these non-physical aspects “Guides”.  I sense them as beings of great love and assistance, and they surround everyone. They move in and out of our lives in a perfect rhythm, working quietly in the background. As Guides, they partner with you to nudge you into living a full and joyous life, but they, too, benefit greatly from your growth, your experiences, and your perspective. Connecting with them will give you a sense of companionship, trust, and confidence that you are not, nor have you ever been, alone. (You are also, of course, surrounded, by your Loved Ones, but I’ll share how to feel their presence in a later post.) Here are a few steps you can take to "meet" your Guides:



1. Acknowledge that They are there  


From my experience, Guides move in and out of our lives. While we all seem to have a primary Guide (think of him/her as a much beloved Teacher who coordinates your curriculum) different ones show up as we grow and experience life events. Interested in writing? You have a writer in your entourage, inspiring you.  Fascinated with Sacred Geometry? Nonphysical experts are leading you to information, through dreams or synchronicities. Dealing with an illness? Welcome your personal Healing Guide, who knows everything about your journey and is leading you to the right treatment!  It isn’t necessary to understand their particular role in our lives, but “making contact” DOES require that you are open to the possibility that they are real.  


2. Give them permission to make their presence known.


They love you. They spend their current existence in the presence of Pure Love. They even admire you! You have agreed to incarnate in a place where you would “forget” that you, too, are Pure Love, and even pretend that you are separate from Source. How courageous is that? 

    They agreed to help you learn and experience and grow while you are here. You chose them very carefully before you were born. You chose the best, the brightest, the most capable, and they are excited to be in your entourage. If you are reading this, you have been "nudged" to give them permission to relate to you in a more direct way, and they want to step out of the background,  because you have asked (and are ready!) to release some of your limitations.

   ( If your reaction to inviting them to communicate with you causes fear, they will stay in the background, but will help you explore your fear, and send you opportunities to understand and question it. Flip on the TV and The Exorcist is showing? Someone in your face talking about Demons and Hell? It’s time to explore what you believe about God/Love, and your own worthiness to BE LOVED. If you have fear, Ask them to show you Who You Are, before you find out who they are.)


3. Choose a sign.

Choose something specific: an object, a song, an animal. Make it something you don’t typically see, something unique and rare for you. In sessions, when I connect with a client’s Guides, they often show me objects that they’ve been showing you anyway, but you haven't been catching it. Knowing what to look for makes things fun, and a little awe-inspiring. (You can do this with your Loved Ones on the other side as well.) Here are a few examples, so you’ll know how things can manifest:

    Long ago, I told my Guides to show me Owls as a sign that I’m on the right path. That I’m ok. That I’m not crazy to believe in this stuff. One day, I was feeling depleted and disconnected, but had a long day of work I had to get through. So I sent out the thought, “Hey, Guides. Show me my owl today. I really need some encouragement.”


My first Reiki client of the day came in wearing a t-shirt with an owl on it.


I left for lunch, and found myself behind a car with a Hooter’s bumper sticker. (Hey, it counts!)


After work, I picked up my daughter from school. Her friend had given her a necklace that day, for no particular reason. It was a tiny gold owl.


These are all little things, but that's how they like to work. EVERYTHING is a sign, if you know how to interpret it.


I gave my daughter this exercise, and told her to choose something unique. A few months went by, and she hadn't received any validation. I asked her what her sign was, knowing that she had probably chosen something that didn't really exist and would be a challenge to manifest. She had picked a black dragon. 

    A few weeks later, on her birthday, she decided she wanted a pinata. She went to Party City to look for something fun, but wasn't liking anything. As she was leaving the store, something caught her eye. It was high on a shelf, covered in dust. She made the clerk get it down. It was a Black Dragon pinata. (Happy Birthday, from her Guides!) 

4. Be patient, and say “Thank You!” when you see it.

Gratitude raises your vibration and allows more things to be grateful for into your life. Small things. Big things. Your Guides understand this and are eager to prove it to you. When you see your sign, no matter how coincidental or trivial it seems, ACKNOWLEDGE IT. IT IS YOUR SIGN! You are finding your power to manifest, and your Guides are working by your side. Practice looking daily. You'll be amazed at how often you will see signs of their presence.


So have fun with this! Acknowledge that your Guides are real, give them permission to say hello, and watch for a sign of your choosing. They are here for you, love you deeply, and have many wondrous things to show you!

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