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Reiki Raises Your Vibration

Does Reiki Heal?

Most of us think of "healing" as repairing the body from injury or illness, but Reiki recognizes that true healing takes place on an emotional/spiritual level. As we are comprised of mind, body, AND spirit, the Reiki energy moves through all of these levels, reconnecting our internal (physical) "Ki" with its Source "Rei" (spiritual) Ki. Reiki is intelligent. It does not come from us. When you are attuned to it, you agree to act as a conduit, allowing the Reiki to become directed into the physical plane. Once it begins to flow, it seeks imbalances in whomever you are sending it to. Our most powerful and influential imbalances lie within our Emotional/Mental body, for it is at this level that we are creating our physical experience. For this reason, Reiki can be an emotional experience for some. In my 15 years of doing hundreds of sessions, 90% of first-time clients tear up as soon as the Reiki begins to flow. A deep part of us recognizes that we are drinking in an ancient, abundant, and sacred energy that comes from our Eternal source. It feels familiar, and comforting, and many people find themselves with tears gently falling. Allow them (and yourself!) the stillness to feel what they are feeling without judgment or interference. (Oddly, it's often a very unemotional cry, and manifests more as "watery eyes", or I should say "watery eye" because typically only ONE eye (usually the left) tears up. I don't have an explanation for it. Reiki continues to mystify and amaze me!)


Think of Reiki as what water and sunlight are for a plant. Whomever you send it to (including yourself) receives healing on a cellular/quantum level, and much like new growth on a plant, most of the change is “under the soil”. Reiki is not a pill, it is not a band-aid, it is not a quick fix. What Reiki is doing on the physical level is providing nutrients (LIGHT!) to the newly born cells, giving them support to divide and multiply as healthy and whole. Change takes time, and most of it is very subtle. You can’t work out for one day and expect to be fit. You can’t diet for one meal and expect to lose weight. And you can’t send Reiki and expect immediate results.

On the emotional level, the Reiki is gently calling forth memories that are attached to (and actually CAUSED) the imbalance. It's not important for us to know what the client is thinking or remembering, but it can be wonderfully healing to allow someone to talk during this phase of their session. Often, voicing the memory (even if it seems trite) will change the energy under your hands. Keep your hands gently in place if any emotions or chatter pop up. 

What Reiki is doing on the Spiritual/Quantum level is raising the vibration of all your cells, atoms, molecules, and photons (LIGHT!) which moves you into alignment with a higher vibrational REALITY, much like moving up a level in a video game. In that higher vibrational reality, you are meeting a better version of yourself and ALL THAT IS.  I’ll talk about that another time.


Remember: our bodies are shedding and creating 400,000,000,000 new cells every day, and each one is “listening” to our consciousness for direction. Reiki is a shout-out to our cells to stop listening to the old messages (I’m sick, I’m tired, I’m helpless, I need someone outside of myself to FIX ME), and hear the call of SOURCE (Rei) which says, “You are in command of EVERY CELL. Take this living water (Ki) and drink from it. It is here for you in abundance. You are a new creation every day!” 


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