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Reiki First Degree Practice Journal

After your First Degree Class, do Reiki on yourself everyday for three weeks. Download and print this .pdf journal to guide you through a 21-day practice, complete with daily prompts and exercises

Enhance your daily practice

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Photo by Annie Spratt,

EveryDay Reiki

Send Reiki ahead of you before you leave your home:

"I send this Reiki to clear my path of anything blocking my well-being today. May all beings be blessed by this healing energy"

An exercise to connect to Reiki and enhance your sensitivity to the flow of Ki. This can be performed  standing, sitting or kneeling. Here I've completed 3 cycles. Complete 10 cycles. Inhale when you move your hands, exhale when hands are still . With each inhale, pull in golden light from Source (Rei), allowing your body to be illuminated from within. With each exhale, envision the room being filled with the golden light.
(This is a version of  Makoto No Kokyu, or The Breath of Truth)

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