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My Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Lineage


Sensei Mikao Usui

Tendai Buddhist/Doctor of Theology

b. 8/15/1865 Taniai, Japan

d. 3/9/1926


Dr. Chujiro Hayashi

Medical Doctor, Japanese Navy

b. 9/15/1880

d. 5/11/1940


Hawayo Takata

Healed from Lung Cancer by Dr. Hayashi

b. 12/24/1900 (Kauai, Hawaii)

d. 12/11/1980

Iris Ishikuro

10th out of 22 Masters to be initiated by Takata
b. 5/16/1922 ? (Hawaii)

d. Oct 1986

Virginia Samdahl

Psychic Healer/First Non-Asian to be initiated into Reiki

d. 3-4-1994

“Usui-Sensi’s natural character was gentle and prudent, and he did not keep up appearances. His body was big and sturdy, and his face was always beaming with a smile. But when he faced the difficulties he went ahead with a definite will and yet perservered well, keeping extremely careful. He was a man of versatile talents and also a book lover, knowing well in the wide range from history, biography, medical science, canons of Christianity and Buddhism and psychology up to magic of fairyland, art of curse, science of divination and physiognomy.”

                        —Usuida, Feb. 1927


Arthur Robinson

Grandmaster, American Reiki Society

James Davis (no info)

Gavin Rowley (no info)

Linda Ball

Reverend, Healer, Medical Intuitive, Dallas, Tx

Bobbie Perkins

Channeler/Admin Asst, Dallas Meditation Center

Marveena Wells Meek

Psychic Medium, Forney, Tx


Carla Mae

Psychic Medium, Keller, Tx


Jill Kline
Reiki Intuitive/Teacher
Flower Mound, Tx

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